When did the anti-African sentiment begin among Europeans?

It all started in 1492 when the Moors (dark brown skinned African Muslims and their Arab allies) were defeated, enslaved and sent in America in chains. Millions of other Africans suffered the same fate during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade. The noble and powerful Moors became the stupid and servile Negroes as Europeans embarked on a historical revenge in order to erase chapters of history or regions where dark brown skinned people, including Africans, ruled even in Europe or established themselves before Europeans.

The same year, Christopher Columbus "discovered" America. Europeans began to feel that they were invincible even though vast regions of Europe were still under Ottoman rule. They launched a world conquest. They became new conquerors.

This is the trick with all new conquerors. They rewrite history and recreate themselves into a superior or civilizing race. They use all the propaganda tools available to justify their conquest. In the case of Europeans, they use racism: racist media, racist academia, racist cinema, and racist interpretation of their sacred texts.

Europeans rewrote history in order to hide or suppress the following facts concerning dark brown skinned people around the world, including Africans they intermixed or intermarried with since the Neolithic.

1) The ancient people of Western Europe were dark brown skinned. They were known as the Mouros. They build the megalithic civilization. They are celebrated by Portuguese and Spaniards each year because they established their stronghold in the Iberian Peninsula.

2) The ancestors or predecessors of the Greeks were dark brown skinned. They are known as the Pelasgians or Minoans.

3) The ancient Egyptians who established colonies in Southern Greece were dark brown skinned;

4) The pre-Muslim Moors from the ancient Kingdom of Mauretania founded cities across Europe, including Therouanne, a city of France, formerly known as Morienne. It was founded 2500  years ago by the African Prince Morienus. He was the son in law of the Belgian King, Bavon. During the Roman Empire, they joined Roman legions during the Pax Romana. The most valiant were given lands across Europe, including Brittany. This region of France was given the head of the Moorish cavalry. He and his men founded cities across France, like Mortain or Mortagne.

5) The Sumerians who invented the first written language were dark brown skinned;
6) The Dravidians who created the Indus Valley civilization were dark brown skinned;
7) The Olmec of Meso-America who founded the mother culture and first civilization of America were dark brown skinned;

8) Many European noble families are the descendants of Moors (Africans) including the British Royal Family.
9) The most revered saints of the Roman Catholic Church are Africans. The early Christians were from Africa (Mauretania, Egypt and Ethiopia) and from the Levant. Roman Emperors sent them across Europe in order to spread the word of Jesus. The most celebrated of saints is Saint Maurice of Upper Egypt, the Patron Saint of the Roman Empire

10) There are at least 3 Popes of African origin ( like Pope Victor), 4 Roman Emperors of African origin (like Septimus Severus and his son.

11) Muslim Moors ruled in Europe and contributed to its renaissance. The legacy of the Moors lives on in the hundreds of words Europeans borrowed from them, like arsenal, admiral and dozens of European traditions like the Morris Dance, the Moresca, the Moors and Christians dish or festival, the Moor"s head (the head of a Black African on a coat or arms). There is even a color called the Moor's head which is dark brown used decorative arts.

12) Africans founded vast empires and brilliant civilizations without European influence. The Egyptian civilization is the best example of an African civilization. The Ethiopian Empire, the Empire of Mali, the Kingdom of Monomotapa, the Kingdom of Kongo. Europeans destroyed many of those Kingdom like the Kingdom of Kongo who had embassies in Europe (in Holland, in Portugal and in Italy) . The richest man in the world in the 13C was the Emperor of Mali.

13) White people committed several colonial genocides, like the one in the Congo Free State where 10 million of Native Congolese were killed and thousands had their hands or feet chopped because of rubber or ivory. They committed other genocides during their migrations across ancient Europe against the Mouros and other dark brown skinned people who migrated into Europe in the Neolithic.

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