Moorish Presence in Ancient and Medieval Europe, a taboo,

I wonder why the presence of the Moors outside the Iberian peninsula is not taught. It is silenced. Why? Are there historical reasons for the silence? Did Moors commit unspeakable acts against Europeans.

Ancient Europeans called everything or everyone of a dark brown skin color: Maure/Moor/Moro

1) MOUROS: The ancient people of Western Europe were dark brown skinned. They were called the Mouros. They created the megalithic civilization. They are celebrated every year in Spain and Portugal where they established their stronghold thousands of years ago.

2) MOORS: The ancient people of Northwestern Africa were called the Moors/Mauri. They inhabited the ancient Kingdom of Mauretania. They established colonies and founded cities across Europe. One of those cities is Therouanne in France, formerly known as Morienne. It was founded 3 THOUSANDS years ago by an African Prince called Morienus. He was the son -in law of a Belgian King, Bavon. He founded other cities in France like Artois. African sea-rovers known as Formorians established colonies as far as Scandinavia whose former name was FORMORIA;

3) ROMANIZED MOORS: During the Roman Empire, Moorish troops joined the legions in the Pax Romana across Europe. The most valiant Moors were given lands across Europe: Brittany was given to the Head of the Moorish cavalry. He and his men founded all the ancient cities in Brittany like Moreac, Mortain, Mortagne. He founded the Moorish dynasty of Brittany. For centuries, Brittany was ruled by Maurus Kings and Queen. Other places in Europe where Romanized Moors settled are Moravia (ancient name of the Czech Republic).

4) CHRISTIAN MOORS: The early Christians were from the Levant and Africa (Mauretania, Egypt and Ethiopia). They were sent by Roman Emperors across Europe in order to spread the Word of Jesus among pagan Europeans. Some of those African missionaries became saints and founders of cities across Europe, like Saint Maure of France or Saint David of Wales. The Patron Saint of the Holy Roman Empire is Saint Maurice of Upper Egypt.

5) MUSLIM MOORS: African Muslims and their Arab allies ruled in Europe and contributed to its renaissance. They established their cultural capital in Al Andalus, Muslim Spain that was the guiding light of the Middle Ages. The legacy of the Moors lives on in the hundreds of words Europeans borrowed like arsenal, admiral and dozens of European traditions like the Morris Dance, the Moors and Christians dish or festival, the Moresca and the Black Moor's head (the head of a Black African) on a city and family coats of arms

5) EUROPEANS OF MOORISH ORIGIN: The Moors (Muslim or non-Muslim) intermixed with Europeans, including noble families. The British Royal Family has at least one African ancestor of Moorish origin. All Europeans of Moorish origin have names with Moor roots, like the Morrison of England, the Mauriac of France, the Mori of Italiy and a Moor"s head on their family coat of arms.

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