Berbers are not Indo-European, they are indigenous Africans

Some people insist that Berbers migrated from Europe to Africa hundreds or thousands of years ago.

If they were of European origin (Iberians, Vandals, Roman etc.),

1) why the language they speak is not an Indo-European language?
2) why their cultural traditions are not European?
3) why they closest relatives are dark skinned Africans like the Somali and the Fulani?
4) why their music and dress have nothing to do with any European music or dress?
5) why they do not have European names?
6) why they do not have relatives in Europe that can relate to them?
7) why their DNA shows that their fathers migrated from East Africa?
8) why Europeans have a hard time figuring where they come from originally with precision;
9) why Europeans called them Moors in ancient times?

Afrikaners are the descendants of settlers from Holland; they speak a language similar to Dutch.
 Strangely, many Berbers have blond or red hair and whiter skin than most Italians or Greeks.

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